Off the top of my head:

Okay, I’m bored and my head is in a weird place so I’m gonna do what I do a lot - sit here and make a poem up - only this time, I’m publishing it online straight away. So many pieces I’ve written this way have been nurned or thrown away because frankly they’re usually shit, but let’s just see where this one goes.

Memories swim in a tide of lies,
Circled with waves of truth.
All is knowledge, but it’s clouded.
Clouded by judgements and opinions.
What others think.
What they tell you they think.
Life is suffocation.
Life is breathing.
People make life the hardest thing of all.
People break through your walls,
Your barriers.
They get to you with words and actions
That were never meant to harm -
But your own mind uses them against you.
You’re trapped.
When you’re alone, your mind works overtime,
Encouraging you to hate, to anger, to upset.
When you’re with others, they give your mind the fodder it needs
To push yourself further away.

Ok, that was depressing. Yeah, I’d have thrown that one away. But I said I’d post it.

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